Port Training was established in 2021 to manage the UKHMA HM Certificate Course and to maintain the same exacting standards as previous Training Providers have done over the years.

Jonathan Warren and Helen Guest, the team tasked with managing the UKHMA HM Certificate course for Liverpool John Moores University, provided academic and administrative support from 2016 to early 2021. Together they were the face of the University for this programme and, behind the scenes, they were the University as far as our Candidates, the UKHMA and the general public were concerned. When the agreement with LJMU expired after five years, the UKHMA appointed Port Training to continue the management of their course. Port Training continues in the same tradition as the previous providers in managing this course, based on its excellence of administration, sound educational provision enhanced by the application of blended learning techniques.



Jonathan, a former Harbour Master and a practitioner in maritime education in NW England over the last two decades, founded Port Training to ensure that the existing rigorous academic standards, adhesion to the National Occupational Standards for Harbour Masters and course quality were maintained into the future. Port Training is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maritime Training Limited, which had been established in 2020 to provide quality training to a wide range of maritime industries, including the ports sector, as well as for STCW and RYA based courses.

In 2020 Jonathan’s commitment to maritime training and education was recognised by the award of the Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service.

Maritime Training Limited, at the request of the UKHMA, streamlined the HM Certificate course, making it more accessible for Candidates without compromising on quality and its high academic standard. This new-look version is designed to enhance the Candidate experience and cater for the fact that Candidates these days are more aspirant rather than serving Harbour Masters (or their Deputies), so to meet the requirements for pass, much greater emphasis is placed on Candidates’ understanding of the Underpinning Knowledge aspects of each unit, rather than their supply of documentary evidence which few of today’s Candidates will have written themselves.

Over the years, Jonathan’s contribution to the Course has resulted in significant improvements – which is expected to continue into the future because, although the flag has changed, the same steady hands remain at the wheel.

Maintaining MCA recognition of the HM Certificate is an absolute priority for Port Training, together with service delivery, course efficiency, cost-effectiveness, UKHMA and Candidate satisfaction.